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Photo credit: Per Gosche


It is my privilege to have collaborated with world class broadcasters for much of my career, and to work in the capacity of producer / director in independent production.

As a voice artist, I thoroughly enjoy my daily conversations with small businesses and agencies through to corporate giants.

The selective clients list below is far from exhaustive, view it purely as a “taster”…

The (selective) list..

AETN networks, Alliance Boots, Bayer, BBC2 TV, Birmingham Airport, Bose, BP Canon, Classic FM, CNBC Europe, CNN, Colgate, Daiichi-Sankyo, Dell, Discovery,  Ducati, Ernst & Young, Exxon, 4, More4,  Kaspersky, Kef, Mobil, Med-El, NHS, Rosetta Stone, Samsung, Visa, Lloyds TSB, LG, McKinsey, NATO, Zeiss, Palm-Pre, Microsoft, NATS, Pfizer, Phillips, Bio- Rad, Lloyds, Weatherford, Forbo Eurocol, Censhare, Volvo, Nuon, Quidco, Shell, Sky Movies, Sony, Siemens, Thomson-Reuters, United Nations, Uvex, Verifone. 


I wanted a voice that could be both the voice of our designer, Josef providing an interior monologue and the voice of the brand – David fulfilled that role to perfection.” Anthony Underhill creative director for Fallon.

Consumers appetite for large sporty utility vehicles (SUV)’s continues to grow. At this year’s 2016 premier car show, held in Geneva, Skoda introduced their new concept car the Vision S. Designed by their chief designer, Josef Kaban, the Vision S will be developed into a production model over the next four years.

To coincide with the launch to the press in Geneva in March, Skoda commissioned a series of five beautifully crafted videos showing the inspirational route taken by Josef and his team. To complement the sultry mood to the films, which were narrative heavy, Skoda wanted to use a voiceover artist that would add the right tonality to encourage that crucial engagement with the audience.

David’s eloquent, calm delivery and warm, authoritative voice fitted their needs perfectly, so he was invited to Prague to record the scripts. “David was professionalism personified, we didn’t require many takes to get exactly what we needed,” creative director, Anthony Underhill recognised. “He really brought my scripts to life.”

The result is a campaign of five engaging videos which Skoda have used to launch their latest vision to wide acclaim.

Michael Attwell – MAPTV

“A safe pair of hands” is how Michael Attwell describes David Vickery.  When working as the commissioning editor for Channel 5 in 1997 Michael chose David to step in as the co-host for their new daily consumer show ‘Espresso’ when the main presenters went on holiday. Espresso was Channel 5’s answer to This Morning and Watchdog presented by husband and wife team Pattie Coldwell and Tony Kerner.

Having watched several showreels Michael felt that David’s warmth and charisma would be the perfect match to the doggedness of co-presenter Edwina Curry, who had turned to a career in broadcasting following the loss of her parliamentary seat. 

“David and Edwina were an unlikely pairing on paper,” confesses Michael, “But on screen they complemented each other perfectly.  Viewers tuning into to watch a known show can sometimes switch off when the main presenters are away, yet when David and Edwina stood in viewers enjoyed the humour and seriousness that they both brought to the programme.”

Michael was particularly impressed by David’s adaptability; one moment he could be sympathising with a member of the public and then the next conducting a serious in-depth interview. 

“David managed to combine a friendly approach with a serious and tough interview technique; he could seamlessly switch between a range of styles. Not many people are this flexible and able to handle things as they happen during a live on air programme.”

Since meeting David, Michael has left Channel 5 to set up his own company, MAPTV, an independent production company.  He has remained in contact with David, collaborating with him to develop a number of ideas for potential programmes to submit to commissioning editors.

Adrian Drew

As a trained actor David Vickery was the perfect choice for playwright and producer Adrian Drew to cast both in a showcase of a new play and as the Narrator for one of his ‘In Celebration’ evenings to play the part of the narrator and reader alongside the famed counter-tenor, James Bowman and acclaimed lutist, Dorothy Linell.

“David is a consummate professional who is creative, hard-working and totally dependable with an ability to command an audience’s attention,” notes Adrian Drew. “I used him in two showcase productions of new theatrical pieces which required a very large range of both voices and accents. To say that he achieved these brilliantly would be an understatement.”

For one demanding role in ‘Of Joy and Sorrow Mixt’ at the intimate Fan Museum, Greenwich, David seamlessly read poetry including Shakespeare’s sonnets, Marlow’s Blank Verse and poetry by Sir Walter Rayleigh as well as narrating the evening. 

David took the audience on a journey of exploration looking at how the feelings of both joy and sorrow are conveyed through verse, song and music.  With minimal scenery and just two musicians David needed to carry the event.  Adrian was in no doubt that drawing on his experience David would deliver a first rate performance and has continued to use him in both his plays and such major events as awards ceremonies at Grosvenor House and The London Studios.

“David’s style is warm, clear, authoritative, engaging and totally convincing and he is completely at home on the stage, television or radio as well as being a first rate presenter in front of 1000 people hosting an award dinner.”

Diana Boulter, DBA Speakers

David Vickery is an experienced event host with a talent for compèring industry award graduation days and company conferences.

Having an MC to host an event is an essential role - linking together all the sections in the days programme, introducing speakers with just the right enthusiasm and professionalism that puts them at ease, whilst at the same time keeping a large audience engaged. 

Diana Boulter, owner and founder of DBA Speakers has been representing David Vickery for over 10 years.  She works with many renowned guest speakers - including Terry Waite, Betty Bothroyd and Monty Halls – and frequently finds that David Vickery is one of her most popular speakers requested to compère events. 

“David is a very polished, friendly and professional presenter who clients can rely upon to host their event with style,” comments Diana.  “He has an unflappable ‘can do’ approach that calms even the most nervous of speakers.”

It is David’s attention to detail that clients like most.  Diana’s clients know that when hosting their awards ceremony he will have painstakingly researched every detail from how to pronounce each student’s name to timing the links between speeches. 

“We always have five star feedback on any of the events that David hosts.  He has a real gift to be able to change the pitch and warmth of his voice to match the audience thereby ensuring that they remain engaged.  He does his utmost to ensure his well rehearsed script remains true to the running order of the day. As an experienced presenter he will work directly with the organising team on the timing of the breaks to make certain enough time has been allowed for all the audience to get a coffee during a break!” concludes Diana.

Mike Ivens - Telegraph Hill

“A consummate professional who brought the right level of authority to our social media spoof” says Mike Ivens at social media agency Telegraph Hill on David’s performance as news anchorman Cliff Remmington.

When the London based agency embarked on a different route to self promotion they decided to write, film and produce a series of news programmes taking a humorous look at the trivial things on social media.  To lend gravitas to their spoof news channel Newsfeed 24 they held auditions for the key role of news anchorman.

“The moment David walked in we knew he would be right for the role,” acknowledges Mike, “He had an air of authority and charisma which assured us that he would be a believable news reader."

"He was calm and patient through the long filming day – happy to accommodate our requests and willing to adapt his ‘character’ filming the same scenes to portray a different version and even reading the lines as we were writing them!”

The result is three short spoof comedy films where David, as anchorman Cliff Remmington, manages to keep his composure and deliver a very tongue in cheek look at social media.  One film looks at the truth behind ahem,  penis enlargement, whilst another explains how a man ruined a party.  In the final film David remains equally unmoved by Jim and Sally’s break-up.  The three films are destined to be sent out to Telegraph Hill’s clients but can also be viewed on David’s YouTube channel.

“We've been very impressed by the quality of the recordings and it's great to know that if we need a top voice pronto, David is just a call away! ”

Brendon Sole, Audiocentric Studios.